Guillotine Girl

Updated: Oct 4

You never meant to hurt him did you.

Never meant to split man in half,

guillotine girl, you gutted him

Dragged him to the ocean

Hoping he would heal

But the sand and salt seared his open wounds

But you never meant to hurt him

Never meant for the years that followed

To be hollowed by the sound of your name

Still, you hurt him didn’t you

And so you went to back to the ocean

cupping the water within your palms you gulped it down

That he could heal and forgive

and you prayed and prayed and prayed

That that pain, another human you would never give.


Brogan Dinsdale is an English poet who resides on a tropical island in Thailand, preferring to live both barefoot and bare souled where the ocean meets the jungle. She is co-founder of Nude Studio and believes that authentic communication and creativity holds the power to raise the collective consciousness of the planet.