• Christopher Coll-Beswick


Updated: Jul 19

One day I awoke,

to the sounds of waves splashing,

caressing my sleepy head.

Within a landscape of tranquility,

permeated by the soft ebb and flow of thought,

a destination I adventured across the world for.

An experience I searched through monasteries and ancient literature for.

A feeling I had meditated and prayed into living.

A state I had attempted to think into existence.

A beingness I couldn't stop trying to achieve.

Yet here it was,

in its empty nothingness.

For when desire departed,

the calm arrived.

And I knew the quest was over.


Chris is a British entrepreneur, world traveler, nature enthusiast, and aspiring artist. When he is not trading Crypto, he is playing guitar, meditating or practicing Qigong. Chris believes everything can be viewed as art by simply allowing the beauty of the world to unfold before our eyes.