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  • Justin Lee

A Rustle in the Forest

I hear a rustle in the forest

A beast of wanting comes my way

Does it see me, or do I see it?

When I shine a light on her

She cowers and howls

I sense her wound

She calls and cries and whimpers in the dark

Softly, I invite her closer

With words of certainty

With soft things and warm intentions

I call to her

Don't be afraid

I see you

I hear you

I want you

Do you want me?

With hand outstretched

Palm up and empty

She seems uninterested...

I place a bit of nourishment between us

A bit of substance, a bit of hope

She stirs

With each step forward

She feels my warmth and senses my smile

She licks my hand

It feels good to be wanted

I look beyond and wonder who is this beast's master?

Large, feral, and majestic, now mine to tame,

Or am I perhaps its slave?

I wonder if instead we

Are to become friends or even allies

Equals in the struggles of an unequal world

She my guide, and I her guardian

Guided by right action and aligned vision

Clear, neither entangled, both without chains

Our eyes attend to each other

Watchful, present

Untethered by all but the now

Perhaps this is what it means to be wild and free

We hear a rustle in the forest

Together we look with curiosity


Justin (he/him) is an American writer, wanderer, and wonderer currently based in Southeast Asia. His writing and creations are focused on supporting our collective awakening towards new paradigms of life, love, and what it means to be fully human, together.

Learn more about his work at

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