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  • Francesca Levi


Breakdown and breakthrough.

They sound so similar.

The root is the same,

but the movement is in two different & opposite directions.

And the speed too.

The breakdown was quick.

Just a matter of...

How long is a thought?

How fast is it? A millisecond?

It was the lightning on a tower,

hurling itself on my entire perception of life.

Definitely, the movement was from up to down,

and then just down.

This happened a few years ago.

It was a long winter where I was mostly horizontal.

The flesh didn't stick to my bones.

The mind was too crowded to allow a functional adult to perform a normal life.

The promise of spring faded away.

I stayed there, on the ground,

like a corpse decomposing into fertile soil,

where the heart could slowly sprout and blossom.

Will there be a breakthrough now?

That opposite force, that opposite movement,

that physicians talk about,

from down to up.

I don't know. I honestly don't mind.

I like to be the soil.

I'm witnessing so much life from here.

And life does not seem bothered to go somewhere else.

I trust that if this indestructible force is not wanting to go anywhere,

it must be that everything is already here.

So I just live.


Francesca is an energy healer, meditation guide and jewelry designer from Italy, with a special connection to South East Asia. She is passionate about art, spirituality and the beauty of nature.

After spending many years learning healing practices to cure herself, she created her own technique to help people dive into themselves and reconnect with their inner divine light. A few years ago she created jewels with a positive, uplifting power for seekers, women, yogis, & tantra practitioners.

You can follow her on Instagram here

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