• Sarita Ra

Creating Portals

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Often when I am around humans I become exhausted and empty. I feel alone the most when I am around other people. So I go off alone into the forest to find the gateway to myself and God. When I am in nature I realize the essence of who I am. Nature has no mask as people do, nature is just what it is, and all happening as it is meant to. There is peace in this.

As I spent time in the jungle, my art changed, there became order within the chaos. I would go outside and listen to the birds' chirp, and the water flow and it was a perfect orchestra of sound. It is the same visually, I would look at the leaves and see their absolute perfection in shape. When you go out and look at nature, every part of it has absolute symmetry, everything is aligned.

Nature is just being, the doing happens naturally, and we as humans have lost this through our socialization and pretending. Nature holds more truth to me than people, and it's paradoxical, because we are searching for this truth constantly, but are unable to find it in each other. I find it in the trees, the water, and the forest.


Sarita is a visual artist from Montreal who has been traveling through Southeast Asia for the last four years. She began painting in Sri Lanka and began doing digital art in Thailand, creating album covers for various musicians and selling her work in the communities she resides in. Art is the way she channels God, since God is the creator, she becomes a God when she makes her own universe through the method of painting and drawing.

Find her on Instagram @releasingfeathers