• Roxanne Nagarwalla

Wade into Water

Updated: Jun 17

The wild woman is refusing to be domesticated, muzzled, silenced, weakened.

In the blissfulness of solitude she retreats to the water, the womb of the Earth, back to the source.

Away from the noise of man, she finds her quiet space, where her intuitive senses can be heard.

Her body says 'welcome home'.

The woman is not to be bound to the kitchen, to the household or to man's hip.

She belongs to the sun, to the soil, to the waters that birthed her.

She belongs to the wild.


Roxanne is a freelance photographer and writer with a focus on women's stories. When traveling the world she has seen a disproportionate number of women kept systematically disempowered. Roxanne works to bring a dialogue to the things women are taught to keep silent about, from rape culture to slut shaming to the mainstream of patriarchal disease that keeps women bound in the house as indentured slaves. Roxanne believes in the wild woman archetype, the woman who rises above the social conditioning and reconnects to her inner untamed nature.

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