• Shanie Luanne


Updated: Jun 16

Days filled with thoughts of you,


Memories less painful,

shame, more wearable.

The ache in my womb from the destruction

becomes shallower,

the grief, more bearable.

As time corrodes us,

this story holds less weight.

You hold less weight.

Pressure on lungs is lifting.

Breathing again.

Will there always be people who see you in the light I once did?

Tricks and moves

convincing the smartest of fools.

Lies from lips disguised as love.

I know you are here to teach lessons

about boundaries

and self respect,

spotlighting low self esteem.

I wonder, if you’ll ever truly be seen?

Until then I remind myself

of Ted Bundy,

and how even he had a fan club

of other egos wishing to be seen.


Shanie is a yoga and meditation teacher with a passion for supporting people in their journey back to wellness. Living on the island of Koh Phangan she has been able to nurture her creative side using poetry and movement as a form of self expression.

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