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  • Jordyn Roe

Suffocated to Freedom

Updated: May 13, 2022

After you have burned in your attachment, suffocated in feelings of unworthiness,

ravaged your jealousy to sandy rubble, torn loneliness apart piece by piece,

and there’s no air left for anger,

in your emptiness in the first parting of the smoke, love will lick your wounded skin.

Only after you have burned down every last bit of what you thought love was,

will you find that it could never be burned to begin with.

In heartbreak, you cleared the path for love,

ripped out every false sense of security by the roots,

while patiently she waited for you to remember her name.

As you’re still gripping with bloody hands something that isn’t love,

trying so desperately to hold on,

maybe the fog of fear will clear enough

and you will see that it isn’t her face.

Because love doesn’t need you to grasp her so hard,

love needs nothing from you but to

open your hands and let go.

She runs freely through your being.

Inhabiting your body.

Love asks you to forgive,

to decondition,

to open.

To stay so widely open

that she can pleasure you with experiencing a ‘you’

that goes beyond every last concept of ‘you’ that you have ever formed.


Jordyn, creates from the richest of her heart's experiences. She believes in utilizing our full capacity to feel alive. She is a nomadic writer that uses the power of words to heal. Jordyn creates guided meditations and immersive audio experiences to open portals within us to experience ourselves and to remind us of our divinity.

Connect with her on instagram at Jordyn_Roe

Listen to her Audio Portals at

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