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  • Gabriel Vachon


Decisions to be taken

one more time

Take them away from me

and I’ll chase them again

one more time

Often a never ending circling journey

meeting the sharing point

In between who I am and who I want to become

But why? Is being here and now not enough?

Apparently not…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want for Christmas?

And so on…

Everyday wish list

Being born every morning

Toxic desires

clouding up the

The bright day of the present


The bright night of our slow


Drifting us away from

the simple desires

Changing them into obsessions

washing away the purity

of a simple moment,

Corrupting the next one,

So we chase and want and desire

A journey going the right way, at the right pace, toward the right place


Gabriel Vachon is a French Canadian native who obtained his first diploma in creative writing when living in Montreal. He later combined his love of words with his interest for travel, photography, aviation and kite surf. He now feeds his multiple passions in Koh Phangan, where he has recently completed his last diploma in traditional Thai massage.

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