• Nicole Callräm

When the Day Starts Slow

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

when the day starts reluctantly

I hold the life I inhabit

this temple of flesh and fire

when it starts

so sleepily

I light incense at the altar

of crow’s feet

indulge my tiredness

poor sweet animal me

when the morning is heavy

I see my daughter rise slim

reed of grass

moon shadow

and oh

I remember being a fawn in green fields

how it was to have dandelion eyes

the delicate ways spring disarms

I’m not sure if now is the summer of life

or if the leaves already dream

in ruby and yellow

but when the morning starts so slow

I know

I still want it all


Nicole is a professional paper pusher and hot pot addict. She currently lives in Shanghai, China and loves to drink wine and ride bike (preferably on a sunny day and in that order). She has been published in River’s Meeting Project, ASPZ, Alluvium, and Visions. She has found a home with Shanghai’s Inkwell Poetry Workshop and is a better human for having found this group.